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Clinically Correct's website is now responsive

This is a Web design post

Clinically Correct's website has now been made responsive using Web by Pixel's Content Management System.


Visit site

Ham radio club 5p5t has a new website

This is a Web design post

Contest group 5p5t for Ham radio has a new Web by Pixel Content Management website!



New responsive website for Kromann Bridge

This is a Web design post

The Kromann Bridge website is now responsive:


Landscape image photoshopped

This is a Photography | Web design post


Oh what Photoshop can do in a couple of minutes.

Error messages don't need to be boring

This is a Web design post

This is an error page I created for webbypixel.com.

Page not Found

Possible reasons:

  • The page does not exist.
  • Your log in has timed out - please log in again
  • or you are trying to be sneaky.


I created the animated gif in Photoshop.

New working circle gif

This is a Web design post
working circle 2

This is the new working circle gif I made for our Web by Pixel Content Management System. It is used in the instances where a website is loading something.

If for instance you are uploading a very large file there will be a length of time before the upload is complete.

This gif lets the user know that the computer is still working and did not 'freeze' or stop.

Yep, it just keeps going and going.

BeamReaders has a new website look - responsive web design

This is a Web design post
We just finished the first step in converting BeamReaders.com 's website to a mobile first, responsive website.

This is the look on the different platforms:

BR site

And here is a view of more of the site as it becomes visible with scrolling:

BR site 2

For the rest, it is easier to visit the site itself: BeamReaders.com

I am currently working on updating the sub pages as well.

Logo modification for BeamReaders, inc.

This is a Print Design post
BR logo

I recently suggested this change to the BeamReaders' logo to make a little less busy and also to make it take up less vertical space. At the same time, the client wanted to capitalize the 'R', as that is how they are usually typing their name in their marketing materials.

The logo can be printed on a dark background, or on a white background.

Web by Pixel core roll out Content Management System

This is a Web design post
I have given a new look to the Content Management System (CMS) of Web by Pixel.

We have updated the features of our CMS to be mobile friendly and adhere to the new mobile first strategy that Google recently implemented.

It is the core roll out when you buy a Content Management System from us, before your own design is added to the site.

Here is the new look:


And here is what it looks like at the different sizes for desktop, tablet and cell phone.


There are virtually infinite ways to add your own design to this and customize the menu. That is of course only the starting point. Many different apps can be installed to really make this a powerful management tool for any of your business and business-to-business needs.

New business cards for a house keeper

This is a Print Design post
I was asked to design new business cards for a house keeper.

Her name and phone number have been changed for the purpose of showing this card design:

Cleaning biz cards