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Portrait mini sessions in Atlanta
This is a Photography post
I was just at a conference in Atlanta, Georgia. While I was there I did several mini sessions, getting some portraits of these beautiful ladies:

Amber 2up
Wills Casa

brynne 2up
The Gathered Home

cassie 2up
Primitive & Proper

Emily 2up
Go Haus Go

Gretchen 2up
Boxy Colonial

Julia 2up
Cuckoo 4 Design

Kim 2up
Newly Woodwards

Michelle 2up
Decor and the Dog

Read more about the conference here.
BeamReaders business cards
This is a Print Design post
This is the new look I designed for BeamReader's business cards.

The card flips horizontally, so the blue box with the logo is placed at the same end of the card to achieve a "dipped" effect. I added my favorite effect: UV spot coating on the blue part to enhance this effect.

UV spotting let's you coat part of the business card with a glossy surface. I like to only coat part of a business card with glossy because it becomes its own design element and you can still use the rest of the surface for writing notes.

BR cards
Party invitation
This is a Print Design post
I was sent the photo below on the left as inspiration to create an invitation for a party. I created a background picture for the invite with this photo using filters and other Photoshop trickery.

Invitation example

Here is the invitation which is meant to be a web invite, so it will be emailed rather than printed and mailed. I still made a printable pdf version of the invitation for those who wish to print it as a keepsake.

I changed the info on the invite for privacy, so don't be showing up for Sarah's 30th...

Digital Imaging flyer - marketing flyer
This is a Advertising post
This is an online pdf flyer for follow-up marketing purposes.

BR digital implant flyer web

View it in PDF format:

Digital Implant Flyer
Video intro for online marketing
This is a Advertising post
I made this intro for a new course offering for a BeamReaders.com. It will play at the beginning or end of video marketing material and at the course itself.

New look for Boxy Colonial
This is a Print Design | Web design post
I did a re-design for BoxyColonial.com - a great blog filled with family, fun and DIY. It's written by a great writer: Gretchen Holcombe.

This is what the blog looks like now with the new header:

bc blog2

Here is what the blog looked like before:

boxy before

I began the re-design by drawing an outline of her house, then stylize the drawing and finally coloring it in. We decided to color outside the lines, to get a look and feel sort of a 4 color print press style. I like how it adds charm to the house and doesn't take itself too seriously.Very much like Gretchen, who is both a charming and funny blog writer and fabulous DIYer and not to mention a great blogging friend!

logo house

Next, I used the same elements and created a business card design for her

BeamReaders shopping site
This is a Web design post
I designed this shop for courses on BeamReaders.com. The back-end application is a Web by Pixel shopping solution. A shopping solution is one of 48 web applications available with a Web by Pixel Content Management System.

Clinically Correct
This is a Print Design post
I designed a slip-case (DVD jacket) and DVD covers for Clinically Correct for a 4 DVD training seminar.

Clinically Correct slip case web

DVD design web

This is the image I made for their online shop

product image dvd2
BeamReaders.com new website look
This is a Web design post
I made this web design for http://beamreaders.com - a Web by Pixel client.


Visit page here: BeamReaders.com
Frank Kromann resume
This is a Web design post

Visit page here: