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New look for Boxy Colonial

New look for Boxy Colonial
I did a re-design for BoxyColonial.com - a great blog filled with family, fun and DIY. It's written by a great writer: Gretchen Holcombe.

This is what the blog looks like now with the new header:

bc blog2

Here is what the blog looked like before:

boxy before

I began the re-design by drawing an outline of her house, then stylize the drawing and finally coloring it in. We decided to color outside the lines, to get a look and feel sort of a 4 color print press style. I like how it adds charm to the house and doesn't take itself too seriously.Very much like Gretchen, who is both a charming and funny blog writer and fabulous DIYer and not to mention a great blogging friend!

logo house

Next, I used the same elements and created a business card design for her


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